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Something New

By Becky Mandelbaum


The Tradition: For centuries, cultures have associated the color white with purity and innocence. While this may be one reason white dresses have clung on for so long, another explanation dates back to 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white dress to her wedding with Prince Albert....

Say it with Flowers

By Frances Badgett

Throughout the years, flowers have been given meaning beyond shape and color. From romantic roses to forget-me-nots, their presence in your bouquet, or as a part of your decor, can help underscore a theme or quiet wish for your new future together. Here are some common wedding flowers and what they symbolize.

Flowers By Season

By Natalie Ransom of Pozie By Natalie

To have and to hold, flowers add a memorable accent to your special day. We give you a season-by-season guide to what’s blooming when, what will hold up, and suggestions on how to put the flowers or arrangements to best use.

Picking the Picture-Perfect Venue

By Frances Badgett

The glint of the sun on the water can either be beautiful and romantic, or harsh and punishing. A lovely sunset over the lake can end up being a massive glare in the eyes of your guests, making everyone in your photos squint. In our part of the country, rain contingency should be available year-round, especially in what we commonly refer to as Juneuary. So how does a bride plan for great photos?

Catering Complexity

By Frances Badgett

The goal is make sure that your guests get a good meal, regardless of their restrictions. People with dietary restrictions have lived a long time accommodating to others’ diets. Including them is both good manners, and potentially life-saving. 

Wedding Smarts. Before saying I do


Congratulations, you're engaged. Once the excitement of sharing the news with your loved ones and Facebook friends dies down, there are several important issues to consider. This includes building your guest list, setting a budget, picking a venue, DJ versus band and other to do’s.

Best Dress For Your Body

By Frances Badgett

Maybe you always knew what you wanted, and maybe you made yourself crazy worrying about how it would flatter or camouflage.  Whether you’re having a dress specially made or you’re buying from a boutique, renting or making your own, the dress you think you want and the dress you end up loving may not be the same thing...

A Well Considered Table

By Frances Badgett

We aren’t going to name names, but there are wedding receptions in the past in which you, the infantophobe, were seated next to a couple with tiny triplets. Or the reception in which you, theRachel Maddow addict were seated next to a Rush Limbaugh freak....


By Sarah Brand

You need a strategy to organize the details. Here are a few resources to help you find ideas that inspire you, then keep track of them and share them with those that matter to you and your big day.

Bridal Beauty Basics

By Lisa Nelson

After months of anticipation, your wedding day is finally just weeks away. Like every bride, you want to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

Finding the Two of You in Your Celebration

By Tally Rabatin

The very best wedding receptions reflect a couple’s personalities from start to finish. Remember, your reception is a party to celebrate your love for one another. Pack your celebration with memorable details that are meaningful to you

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