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Alluring Altars

By : Jenn Bachtel

After the wedding with family and friends,

continue the magic with your own private

party for two. Here are some honeymoon

options for the happy couple. Best part:

You don’t even have to leave the state.

The vows, the kiss, that “I do” moment and beyond: These are the most significant and most photographed images of your wedding day. From steps to stone, and lights to linens, fall in love with these alluring altar ideas.

A wooden altar can be easily

constructed from bundled sticks,

wood beams, or even bamboo, then

draped in remnant linens and flowers

to provide a perfect backdrop for an

indoor or outdoor ceremony.

An existing tree at your venue can

be transformed with drop, string, or

fairy lights that add charm and romance

to the special moment.

A staircase is a stunning and

versatile backdrop for your first

kiss as a couple. Standing atop or

beneath a stairway, strewn with flower

petals, lanterns, or candles, creates an

enchanting stage.

Enhance any natural setting with

doors, open or closed, that are

refinished to match your wedding décor

or theme. Besides the symbolism of a

new beginning, doors can provide a

framework for the perfection in the

nature behind you.

Cement pillars, draped in flowers

on one side, provide an aura of

old-fashioned elegance for those first

moments of matrimony.

Set a more whimsical scene with

large finished wooden rounds

that can later be placed in your home’s

garden, providing lasting memories of

your big day.

Take your traditional floral altar

a step further with petals and

mismatched lighting that trail out to

the sides, enlarging your space and

producing a more elaborate look.

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