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Flowers by Season 

By : Natalie Ransom of Pozie by Natalie


To have and to hold, flowers add a memorable accent to your special day. We give you a season-by-season guide to what’s blooming when, what will hold up, and suggestions on how to put the flowers or arrangements to best use.


  1. Dusty Miller: A unique filler, great for contrast and texture. The foliage will appear more white, blue, or gray when mixed with different flowers.      
  2. Rose Hips: The dried fruit left after a rose blooms. These are long-lasting and will stay red for many years. There are some varieties that have large hips and some that are small.       
  3. Pine Cones: The classic winter accent. Can be saved for years to come after the wedding. Great as an accent in centerpieces. Affordable and cute. Can be dressed up with glitter or painted metallic.                                    
  4. Blue Spruce: The unique minty blue color is great contrast to the darker greens of many other evergreens. Long lasting, fragrant and affordable.   
  5. Douglas Fir: A classic Pacific Northwest green. Soft fragrant branches are great for table garlands, arbors and bouquets.     
  1. Tulips: Affordable. They come in a large variety of colors. Good for bouquets and centerpieces.                          
  2. Ranunculus: Many-petaled bloom will open up to be large and full. Looks great in bouquets and decor. Comes in many shades, including some bi-color, like this photo.                                         
  3. Wax Flower: Unique citrus fragrance. Great filler. Nice combination of fragrance and color. Available in several colors. Holds up well, can be used as hair flowers.                                              
  4. Hydrangea: Great base for bouquets and centerpieces. This mini-green variety is nice to work with because the heads aren’t too large. Adds the perfect pop of green.                                                 
  5. Tree Fern: Versatile and delicate green. Holds up extremely well. Can be used to create a cascading look without the weight.                                                        
  6. Calla Lily: Great for bouquets and boutonnieres. Holds up well, even when not in water. Comes in a variety of bold colors. One of the only flowers that has an almost black variety.


  1. Cabbage Flower: Large full head. Very sturdy blooms. Great for a pop of color and texture in bouquets, centerpieces and arbor arrangements. Very long-lasting.                                                          
  2. Button Mums: Affordable and available in a large variety of colors and shapes. Small blooms add texture and color without stealing the show.                                                
  3. Red Hypericum: Long lasting and vibrant berries won’t wilt even out of water. The burgundy variety is also a nice fall accent color.                            
  4. Banksia: Unusual long lasting blooms. Make a statement with something different. Great for bouquets, arbors and centerpieces   
  5. Agonis: Unusual dark brown color is unique. Great for texture and color contrast.                                                              
  6. Cedar: A local green that is long lasting and beautiful. Great for garlands as it holds up very well out of water.                                                       
  7. Leucadendron: A tropical that is long lasting and sturdy. The blooms range in color for great contrast.                                                                  
  8. Gunnii Eucalyptus: A smaller leafed version of eucalyptus. Same lovely eucalyptus fragrance. Great to add texture to bouquets, centerpieces, and arbors.                                         


  1. Peonies: Quintessential romantic flowers. Large full fragrant heads. Bold enough to use as the only flower in a bouquet or centerpiece. A wedding classic that isn’t fading out of popularity any time soon.                                   
  2. Green Hypericum: Great textural element. I like to use these for boutonnieres because they hold up extremely well. Faint maple syrup fragrance is unexpected and sweet.                       
  3. Mondial Roses: One of my favorite, frilly, large-headed affordable roses. They have many of the same qualities of the much more pricey garden roses. Long lasting.                                 
  4. Spray Roses: I like mixing large roses and spray roses for texture since spray roses come with buds attached. They are great for boutonnieres.                                                       
  5. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: Another wedding staple. Soothing fragrance. Extremely long-lasting. Will hold up out of water. Great as a green for garlands. Dusty color is a nice contrast.                                                                
  6. Seeded Eucalyptus: Greenery and texture combined. The seed pods are a great accent for bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Long-lasting, fragrant and affordable.
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