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Finding the two of you in your celebration

By Tally Rabatin


The very best wedding receptions reflect a couple’s personalities from start to finish. Remember, your reception is a party to celebrate your love for one another. Pack your celebration with memorable details that are meaningful to you both!


After you have established your budget for your wedding reception, make a special “date time” with your fiancé and discuss the details. Ask yourselves questions about your personal styles, favorite ways to spend time together, and hobbies and interests.


Not only will the answers to these questions provide ideas for your party planning, but they also will create opportunities for the two of you to get on the same page about expectations for the reception.


Start personalizing the details by focusing on getting the big Fs right – food, favors and fun. Focus your time, energy and budget on these items when planning your reception. These areas provide ample opportunities for you to infuse your details with personality, resulting in a reception as unique as the two of you!



The menu for your celebration is the easiest way to establish a theme for your event. Welcome guests with a signature cocktail or beverage inspired by each of you. Consider not only your own favorite beverage but also iconic or local libations. Not everyone can have a glass of Boundary Bay Blonde at home! Consider comfort foods or classic family recipes from your childhood and use these inspirations to plan your menu. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Smoked Salmon Mac & Cheese would be perfect for a Midwest meets Northwest couple. Trust me, you are not the only one who loves comfort foods. Allow the menu to be a fusion of your tastes from start to finish. Work with your caterer or planner. They’ll know how to make your inspiration translate well for guests.



The best way to send your guests off is with a goodie bag or party favor! Favors are your guests’ last impression of your event, and they should be a token of your gratitude for attendance. Consider the time of your event as well as the theme, and make sure that your favors are appropriate. Favors can be anything you want, so it is the easiest detail to personalize. Some couples even choose to donate to a special charity in lieu of a token favor for guests. Whatever you decide, take the time to explain to your guests the meaning behind it by adding a note along for explanation. Sending your guests away with a heartfelt treat is the perfect way to end your celebration.



This is the wow-factor of your event, the part of your reception that will keep everyone talking for years after your wedding. Introduce your guests to how the two of you like to spend time with another and have fun together. Consider your hobbies or favorite date nights, which can inspire reception details from the live entertainment to the décor. Do you love going out to a local improv show? Invite the team to host a show at your wedding that will keep your guests laughing all night. You can also use décor to add an element of fun to your event. The interior design of an event creates ambiance that can provide the backdrop for any stage or setting. Do you love jazz music? Create a jazz bar vibe for your reception, and enjoy tunes and dancing with your guests all evening.


By personalizing the food, favors and fun of your reception, you will be reminded of your love for one another throughout your event. It will make your day one that both you and your guests will be sure to remember!


Questions to Consider

What is your favorite place to have a date night?

What is your signature drink?

Do you root for any sports teams, or play a sport together?

What are your shared hobbies or interests?

What are your comfort foods?

If you could have a favorite dessert, what would you chose?

Where do you give your time and charitable donations?

What is your all-time favorite book or movie?

What is your new monogram?



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