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Wedding Cake or Donut Bar?

Inspirational Catering 
By : Kate Galambos
With a booming “foodie culture” in the Pacific Northwest, the reception can be a chance to have fun and get creative with catering. However, how you choose to serve your guests will set the tone for the event. Seated serving keeps the atmosphere formal and avoids lines that can form at buffets. On the other hand, food trucks give a hip, trendy vibe that appeals to a younger crowd. Whether you choose a conventional or unconventional caterer, be sure to look beyond just the food.
Seated Serving (Plated): Allows guests to stay seated while their dishes come to them, avoiding long waits in line for food. Often is the most expensive style of catering because of the added labor for serving
Family-Style Seated: Offers a happy medium between seated serving and a buffet. Rather than bringing out individual plates, servers bring large family style platters to each table, which are then passed around. If you choose this catering option, be sure to have tables big enough to accommodate big serving platters. Cost is lower than seated serving because family style requires fewer wait staff.
Buffet Style: Usually the most inexpensive option as long as guests don’t all go for thirds. Buffets are set on long tables where guest can serve themselves. 
Many guests prefer buffets simply due to the sheer number of options, but lines can make for a chaotic environment.
Food Trucks: Food trucks have been making a splash throughout the Pacific Northwest, making them an accessible catering option. This fun alternative can allow you to give your guests a variety of choices and experience new flavors. This informal option is not for everyone due to its casual nature. Be sure to factor in time of year and weather to avoid eating in the rain.
Donut Bar: Why keep dessert designated as a cake-only affair? Donuts not only taste great, but look cute, colorful and fun as a serve-yourself-buffet. Guests will love getting to pick their favorite flavor, and you’ll love the low price tag.
Pizza: is a favorite for just about anyone, meaning it is a solid bet for most wedding guests. This inexpensive, unconventional option can also cater to just about any palate or diet because of the wide variety of toppings and crust. Gusto Wood Fired Pizza is a highly-rated local option. Prices start at just $15 a person for an all-you-can-eat cheese pizza buffet and include compostable plates, napkins, and flatware. Even the “all-everything” option is a bargain at $30 per person. What could be easier?
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