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Kylan & David

July 1, 2018

Photography by: Shelby Payne Photography

Written by: Hailey Palmer

Kylan and David, both 21, officially met in middle school, but said they had probably known about each other much longer than that. They went to the same Bible camps over the summer, grew up in Olympia, and became friends and started dating in high school.


Their hometown and Bible camps eventually led them to the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett where they tied the knot in July 2018. The ballroom has an average of more than 140 weddings every year.


David proposed at Picture Lake near Mount Baker in 2017. He told Kylan they should go sledding that day and even bought sleds to keep her in the dark about his actual plan. He didn’t

want her to feel the ring in his pocket at any point before the proposal, so he got creative.


“The morning of, I was frantic,” he said. “Probably five minutes before I had to go pick her up, I was trying to figure out where to put it and I had this bright idea: I’m going to put the ring in a plastic bag and tape it to the inside of my thigh.”


He used Scotch tape. The proposal went as planned, the ring stayed in place, and Kylan said yes.


“We came back into town after and he surprised me with my whole family coming up for dinner and a big engagement party with my friends,” Kylan said.


The venue they chose made everything easy for the couple. The Monte Cristo Ballroom is an all-inclusive venue meaning almost everything was included and taken care of by the venue.

“We basically just pointed at things we liked and we didn’t ever really have to lift a finger, which was really nice. It was very, very calm which is the opposite of most weddings,” Kylan said.


For David, his first look at Kylan in her dress is a moment that stands out to him from their wedding day.


“I started crying before she even got there,” David said. “I couldn’t hold it back and when I turned around and saw her, I just lost it.”


Being surrounded by loved ones on their special day is something they said they’ll never forget.


“Everything that was centered around the wedding was very community-oriented because we’re big on family and friends,” David said. “Throughout the whole process our friends and family were very involved. It was special.” 

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