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      A trail of white petals guided the wedding party to each of their places at the ceremony and vibrant blue, pink, and violet flowers surrounded the bride and groom as they said their vows. To bring the outdoors in, as true Washingtonians, the reception was accented with blues and greens in the Thornewood Great Hall (CQ). Local Issaquah Farmers Market flowers were used for hand-made decorations and centerpieces. “Western Washington and its beauty is an important pillar in our love story. Both of us were born here, raised here, met here, and fell in love here,” the couple said.  

Daniel and Amanda met as students at Western Washington University seven years ago. Amanda grew up with Daniel’s roommate and met Daniel while visiting her friend. She found Daniel in the kitchen, complimented his eyes, and left before he could get her name. Later on, Amanda noticed a motorcycle in the garage, only to find it was bright-eyed Daniel’s. 

He offered to give her a ride and the two rode off into the sunset on Chuckanut Drive (CQ). “I went looking for a beer in my own kitchen and found my wife!” Daniel said. Much like their first date, the proposal seemed plucked from the pages of a story book. 

Daniel proposed in Kauai (CQ) during sunset at the Beach House Restaurant (CQ) amongst the crashing waves and sea breeze. As romantic as it was, the proposal didn’t go completely smoothly. Amanda had been convinced that Daniel would propose to her while on the trip, but was disappointed when her mom never called to tell her that Daniel had asked her parents for permission. Convinced that her mom would not hide this from her, Amanda assumed the proposal would not happen even after finding a small black box in Daniel’s suitcase. “I assumed it was a necklace and re-hid it,” Amanda said. Much to his dismay, Daniel discovered that the ring box had been moved and was sure Amanda knew his plan. And yet, both were wrong. When Daniel led Amanda out to beach at sunset, each wound up surprised. And as a cherry on top, Daniel had a professional photographer compile a Bachelor-esque movie recording of the engagement and all the details surrounding it.  

For couples who are beginning the planning process, the Blashaws recommend keeping the day about you. Friends and family love you and will be supportive no matter what. Stick together as a team on the most important choices and let the small stuff go.  

Amanda & Daniel

July 16, 2017

Photography: Matt Priestman Photogrpahy

By: Kate Galambos

    With the dreamy 500-year-old Thornewood Castle (CQ) behind them, Daniel and Amanda Blashaw (CQ) said “I do” amongst friends and family on July 16th. The couple planned their wedding around a pledge to keep themselves in every detail. “When I say ‘I do’, I want to feel completely me, and I want you to feel completely you,” Daniel had told then-fiancee Amanda. Keeping the wedding in tune with their authentic themselves meant tying the details to their home, western Washington. 

  To achieve a true Pacific Northwest-inspired wedding, the couple served Washington brew, wine, and food, named the reception tables after favorite Washington places and honored the state’s beauty with accent colors. The ceremony took place in the Thornewood Castle garden while it was in full bloom. 

Caterer: Galucci's Catering (CQ) 

Venue: Thornewood Castle (CQ) 

Dress: Morilee by Madeline Gardner (CQ) 

Alterations: Vigo's Alterations (CQ) 

DJ: Sound City Players (CQ) 

Floral: Black House Flowers (CQ) and Lia's Garden (CQ) 

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