Say it with Flowers

By Frances Badgett

Throughout the years, flowers have been given meaning beyond shape and color. From romantic roses to forget-me-nots, their presence in your bouquet, or as a part of your decor, can help underscore a theme or quiet wish for your new future together. Here are some common wedding flowers and what they symbolize.


ROSE romance. It’s not hard to see that beautiful roses with their heady scent symbolize intimacy and romance. A mainstay in the floral bouquet, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. 

CALLA LILY purity, transformation, devotion. A frequent motif in Mexican folk art, the calla lily derives its name from the Greek word for beautiful. Regal and sculptural, the calla lily has crisp lines and a distinctive profile. Whether in pure white, purple, or pink, calla lilies make a big impression. 

TULIP perfect love. Tulip season is heartbreakingly brief in our area, but noted for its abundance. Symbolizing perfect love, love at first sight, a pure kind of love, the tulip is not only versatile in palette, it is also singular in its romantic mission — to project love.

LILY OF THE VALLEY the return of happiness; purity; pure love. When marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton chose Lily of the Valley for her bouquet. A good omen for the royal pair, as Lily of the Valley brings a renewed happiness while projecting purity of love and intention. A shy flower, Lily of the Valley isn’t quite as showy as some others, but its lacey profile makes it a nice choice.

HYDRANGEA heartfelt emotions. Who could forget that scene in It’s a Wonderful Life when Mary (played by Donna Reed) hides in the hydrangea bushes from George after dancing into the swimming pool? A wonderfully showy, standout of a flower, hydrangea also symbolizes deep, heartfelt love. 

PEONY happy marriage. Big, showy, delicious-smelling peony is a wonderful choice for weddings. Peonies symbolize a happy union, compassion, and companionship. They can also symbolize shyness, a blushing bashful bride, and quiet contemplation.


RANUNCULUS radiance, radiant charm. Bright, lively ranunculus projects attraction, charm, and blazing beauty. A lovely addition to any wedding, it’s an erect flower with a good stem for arrangements and bouquets. It makes a splash wherever its used, and can work with bold colors in your wedding scheme.

STEPHANOTIS marital bliss. Sweet and fragrant, stephanotis is a favorite for bouquets and arrangements. It has white, trumpet-shaped blossoms. The name derives from the Greek for “fit for a crown.” A delicate beauty, stephanotis is one of the most popular bridal bouquet flowers.

SWEET PEA bliss, pleasure. Fragrant and lovely, the sweet pea is delicate, sweet and powerful. When bundled, the bouquet makes a nice impression. And  who doesn’t love being called Sweet Pea?

GARDENIA love, beauty, purity, secrecy. With their lovely pointed petals and prominent centers, gardenias make a big impression in bouquets. They’re sculptural without being as structured as calla lillies, and impressive without being as overwhelming as magnolias. 

Whatever flower you choose, your day will be fragrant and full of color, light, and magic. So enjoy the best shopping there is — flower shopping