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  Much of the wedding was put together DIY-style. Dane and Lynda made their own invitations, and even brandied cherries for drinks themselves. “Our main mission was to enjoy each other and our company and spend less time worrying about formality,” Lynda said. The two made an old fashioned bar out of a chest they found at Goodwill. Tables were decorated with small vases — also found at Goodwill — and flowers from the Farmers Market. Centerpieces were made from small cheese wheels in the shape of wedding cakes.

   An important detail that Dane and Lynda included as an element in their wedding was GPS coordinates. “GPS coordinates are something Dane and I plot for the special moments in our life,” Lynda said. They plotted the coordinates to where they would get married and placed it on their invitations. The GPS theme carried from decorations to the table numbers at the reception.

   Dane’s father officiated the wedding and the two were married outside at a point near the water overlooking the lake at the quaint and charming Lakedale Resort. 



After the ceremony, they rowed back across the lake to the reception, which took place in a lodge at the resort. “We wanted a venue where we could bring our own caterer and have all of our family together in one location for the whole weekend,” Lynda said. Family included their dog, Roo, who was the “ring girl” for the wedding.

   Lynda wore a beautiful white trumpet silhouette dress with a strapless sweetheart neckline. The dress was purchased at a charity show for $300. Even Roo was dressed for the occasion in a white, home-made tutu. The newlyweds first dance was to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

  “I had heard the song at work before it had come out as a single, and before we were engaged,” Lynda said. “The first thing I thought when I heard it was, ‘I’m going to dance with Dane to this at our wedding someday.’”

  After the wedding, the two chose to go “glamping” at the resort, staying in a canvas cabin nestled in the woods. They had electricity, a fireplace, privateshower, and even

complimentary foot warmers delivered each night


Lynda & Dane

September 19, 2015


Photography: Matthew Land
By: Alyssa Pitcher


  Dane and Lynda first met over an intense game of ping pong. Neither of them remembers the winner, but both remember the fun they had together. Dane had recently moved up from California and was rooming with a friend of Lynda’s. A few years after the ping pong game Lynda temporarily moved in with them, as luck would have it. She and Dane got to know each other better during that time and started dating soon after. 

  On March third, a very cold but sunny day, the two set out for a lovely hike to the Big Four Ice Caves. Although the caves were a beautiful sight, Lynda was worried about ice falling on them. Dane began telling her about why March third was important; it was his grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. When Lynda finally stopped taking photos and turned to Dane, he had a beautiful diamond ring for her. The ring had originally been his grandmother’s, then was passed on to his mother, and then to him to give to Lynda.  


The Details

Dress Charity Show 

Venue & Lodging The Lakedale Resort 

Catering Market Sterrt Catering
Wedding Song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran
Hair LUSH Salon

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