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Planning the Engagement Party

When in the wedding planning timeline should an engagement party take place?

I recommend you plan the engagement party within eight weeks of the engagement. This gives the couple time to celebrate and announce to their extended friends and family,and you to prepare a realistic time frame for planning.



How many people – and who – should be on the guestlist?

An engagement party can be as large or as small as your bride and groom wish it to be! Engagement parties can be girls-only or co-ed, and is a great opportunity for friends and family to meet and greet prior to the wedding events. If you are planning an event that is more than a potluck, I recommend you follow invitation protocol and give people a four-week lead time. This will ensure that you are able to prepare your menu based on RSVPs, and also assure that significant guests are included. The invitations should be a preview of what the event experience will be like.



Is there traditional etiquette to be aware of?

I always think that you should follow your manners more so than follow a set standard of traditions. Traditions change and evolve over time, and we should embrace the new and the old alike. However, manners should always be followed, and starting with RSVPing for events! 



How do we set the mood?

Deciding what type of a party you want will naturally define your event’s timeline. If you want a light and casual engagement party that is social, keep your event before 4 p.m. Events starting after 4 p.m. imply cocktail hour – and food. As you go later in the evening, it also implies a less formal atmosphere. The atmosphere of your event should mimic the time of day, and we kept the colors bright and light for this midday luncheon. Following the sky color is a good way to determine your color tone, and morning to midday events should be in the lighter color spectrum while evening events tend to be darker.



How can the couple make the party uniquely their own?

Adding elements that are unique to the couple will make the day their own. Consider making the theme of the event coincide to the way the couple met. If they met at a park walking their dogs, consider an outdoor party location that is dog friendly! Also, food helps to add personality to an event. Creating dishes that compliment a story, or fulfill a theme genre can be a fun way to put personality into an event.


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